(In such case where you want to follow-up your application, due to the reluctant nature of authorities, submitted for any purpose like to avail the benefit of telephone booth under any scheme.)


Dated: ________


The Public Information Officer

(Write the address of the PIO)


SUB: Seeking information under the Right To Information Act 2005.



I would like to lay down the following facts as a reference for the RTI queries:

Mr. XXX had submitted an application No. 1562/APROHQ dated 22/10/2001 under that scheme in which XXX organization  is providing telephone booth for the Person with Disabilities. However he is Physically Impaired Person and eligible under that scheme but didn’t get any such telephone booth so far.

On the basis of above fact, Therefore, I would like to seek the following information under the Right To Information Act 2005:


1.   What was the scheme under which his application has been received by the organization? What is the current status of that scheme? Please give the copy of the old and current scheme.

2.   Please supply the information regarding the status of his application such as:

a.   In the waiting list what was his actual position in the queue on that day when he had submitted above mentioned application?

b.   After submission of above mentioned application how many telephone booth are issued by MCD under the scheme for person with disability?

c.   What was the status of the waiting list just before the submission of his application on 22/10/2001 ? And out of them:

                                        i.    How many person has got the telephone booth so far?

                                      ii.    How many persons were in such category who had applied under above mentioned scheme and got opportunity to receive the telephone booth, but they didn’t accept or, failed  to receive it, and due to this that passed to another beneficiaries?

3.   What is the procedure / mechanism to select the location / area under above mentioned scheme for telephone booth? Please supply the copy of the provision.

4.   What is the stipulated time period to select and issue the telephone booth under the above mentioned scheme?

5.   Give the reason in detail that, why didn’t the telephone booth issue to him so far?

6.   Give the daily progress report of the actions which were taken against the above mentioned application such as:

a.   Which officer entertains the application on which date and how many days he/she took to reach on any decision.

b.   Was the time taken by such officer is appropriate under the organization’s or any other rules? Give in detail in both case whether yes, or No.

7.   Have you any provision to take appropriate action against such responsible officers for their carelessness? What are they and under which provision ?

8.   After aware with above mentioned facts have you taken or going to take any appropriate action against the responsible officers? Give information in detail in both cases either Yes or No.

9.   Please provide the name and address of the grievance cell where we can file complain against responsible authority?

10.               Fee of Rs 10 is being submitted with this application through IPO No. 88E 491403. Hereby authorized you to write the name (In the favor of ) and withdrawal it.




Name with address for communication



(In such case where you want to get an information regarding status of disabilities)

 Note: “XXX” is the name of that organization about whom applicant want to seek the information. which have to be particularly mentioned by the applicant according to the situation.


Date ______________



The Public Information Officer

(Write the address of PIO)


Sub: An application under “Right to Information Act 2005”.



I would like to seek the following information under the “Right To Information Act 2005”:

1.   How many agencies or departments are working under the XXX (organization)? And out of them how many agencies or departments have provision currently in force for the welfare of those work man who become disabled due to any reason? Give in detail if any.

2.   How many personnel of XXX (organization’s name) became in each year disabled due to any reason? Please give data from year 2004 to 2010 with their respective organization.

3.   How many personnel with disabilities have been retired from above mentioned organization give year wise detail from 2004 to 2010 with their respective agency or department?

4.   Did XXX made and currently in force any specific welfare activities for the rehabilitation of personnel working in this organization who become disabled? Give in detail? If not then which organization is responsible for it? Supply the copy of that organization policy for above mention purpose, if any.

5.   How much financial resources are specially allocated and out of them used, in each year for the rehabilitation of those personnel of this organization who become disabled after recruitment? Give year wise  detail from 2004 to 2010.

6.   Have you made and currently in force any  provision regarding welfare / rehabilitation of dependents of personnel who are suffering from any type of disabilities? If any give in detail. If not then who is responsible for it?

7.   Have you appointed (full or part time) any councilor or advisor having experience, trained and capability to guide the Person with Disabilities, for the above mentioned personnel and their dependents?

8.   Fee of Rs 10 is being submitted with this application by cash.

Thank you



Name with address for communication



(in such case where applicant want to revise the fee imposed by CPIO unnecessarily.)


Date: _______

The information officer

(Address of PIO, or Address of “First or Second Appellate Authority” in the case of First or Second Appeal, as the case may be

Sub: Revision of fee related decision

I would like to request the following facts for your kind consideration and appropriate action.

1.   I have received your letter vide No DL/0812/895 dated 21 March 2011 on dated 24th March 2011, in which you have intimated  me to pay the additional fee for information as per the Section 7(3) of the RTI Act2005.

2.   You had received RTI (Original) application on 9th Feb 2011 that dispatched above said letter to me on 21/03/2011, and received on 24th March 2011 which is exceeding the stipulated time period of 30 days.

3.   As per the section 7(6) of the RTI Act2005 the person making request for the information shall be provided the information free of charge where a public authority fails to comply with the time limits specified in sub-section 7(1) i.e. 30 days.

4.   It is noted that you didn’t mentioned name of any appellate authority compulsory under Section 7 of the RTI Act, so I am sending to you so that you can revise your decision of fee as soon as possible.


On the above facts, therefore, requested to provide information free of cost which is applicable to me subject to the Section 7(6) of the RTI Act2005. Or give valid reason despite of above mentioned facts why should I pay additional fee? As well as, provide the name of appellate authority.

Thanks for your efforts to give reply however I am ready to pay the fee but if I will not received any information from your side I am free to file the complain against this decision to “Central Information Commissioner”


(In the case of First or Second appeal)


Date: ____________


The First Appellate Authority


The Central Information Commissioner

(Second Appellate Authority)

(Write above anyone as the case may be with their address)


Name and address of the information seeker -(Applicant)


Name and address of the Public Information Officer -(Respondent)


Sub: An application regarding First/second appeal under Right to Information Act 2005.



I would like to lay down the following facts as a First/Second appeal for your kind consideration and appropriate action under the Right To Information Act 2005:

Now write all the facts in various points with date of filing and response of application:

In the case of First Appeal, when did you file the RTI application to the PIO or APIO, as the case may be, what was the response? (if any).

In the case of Second Appeal, Include the name (not compulsory) and address of the “First Appellate Authority” with First appeal submission date, with his/her response (if available).

Mention the fee detail or show the reason of exemption of any fee subject to the RTI Act.


After the facts write the cause of dissatisfaction, if you have more then one causes mention each cause in separate point.


Now you can request to take the appropriate action, it could be in such a way:

On the basis of above facts I would like to request that:

1.   Give the order / direction to the above CPIO of XXX organization to disseminate the information in detail and proper manner that had been asked in RTI Application filed to the CPIO having original jurisdiction.

2.   Impose the penalty under the provision of RTI Act 2005 due to the delay in dissemination of information. (This point is not permissible in the case of First Appeal)

3.   Take appropriate action which you think fit subject to the RTI Act.

4.   I am a visually impaired person so requested to accept my application on priority basis as per your notification No. CIC/legal/2007/006 issued on 13th February, 2008. 


Following relevant documents are attached with this application:

1.   Copy Of RTI Application Filed under the original jurisdiction.

2.   Copy of first appeal RTI application. (In the case of Second Appeal)

3.   Copy of letter Ref YYY Issued by CPIO to disseminate the information. (if response has been given)

4.   Copy of Decision Ref YYY Issued by “First Appellate Authority”. (if response has been given)

5.   Copy of BPL Card. (if required, In the case of fee exemption)

6.   Copy of Disability certificate.(So that, PwD applicant can get the avail the benefits of dispose of application on the priority basis)


 Thanking you



Name with address for communication